I suppose my culinary journey began at home. My mother taught me that you get to a man’s hearth through his stomach. In the case of my husband, he has a weakness for pastries and cakes. I started baking for him. Once I won his heart, we had two beautiful kids and I started baking cakes for them as well [not to win their hearts, but to save money]. I also started baking for my friends. Next thing you know, people started asking if I take orders.

Although, I have taken several food handling courses required by the law. I am mainly self-taught. I love to let my imagination guide me though the baking process (obviously with help of Google and good ole Pinterest).

The core values of our company are: AFFORDABLE, UNIQUE, and DELICIOUS!

I am people pleaser. I love to make people happy with my cakes. I also know that not everyone can afford an expensive professionally baked cake made at a fancy bakery. I believe that everyone is special and they should be able to celebrate with an awesome AFFORDABLE cake.

I would not bake a cake if my own husband doesn’t love it [and trust me, he’s picky]. I believe what’s inside must be DELICIOUS because that is just as important as to what’s outside.

I love working with molds, fondant, and even my state-of-the-art cake ink printer. The sky and our imagination is the limit. UNIQUE and custom-made is the name of the game!

More to come

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